Soultravels Travelmate software version 2 released.

Soultravels Travelmate software version 2 released.

We just released the much-awaited Travelmate Software upgrade for the hospitality market.

The update extends the software functionalities to help hotel and travel managers in their digital, automated and social media marketing programs. The new software was built upon the first version, V1 which has been praised and loved by many hotel managers. Practitioners may find new additions and some retired functionalities when they visit their control panel. Some improved functionalities are the following:

  1. Ability to create room types in your control panel. No need to request from our admin. Team.
  2. More payment options are added; Barclays Pingit, card payments and pay at hotel
  3. Speed, and improved web crawling
  4. 50 other internal tweaks and tunes to help excite the user, hotel manager and the web community’s user experience.

However, the major improvement is the marketing side of the software. A new course coming up August / September 2019 to augment user skills to harness the capabilities the Travelmate has. I.e to create powerful marketing programs to increase sales and of course, profitability. Some of the functionalities are listed below:

  1. Affiliates

Now you can design your banner or square ads onto our affiliate platform. Our in-house team will help link your hotel to the ads you created. This then can be distributed to blogs and popular websites to increase your sales. You can post them to social media pages, popular blogs, e-commerce and news websites. All techniques to fully implement Affiliate network marketing on traditional and social media channels would be included in the course.

  1. Posting Availability Calendar

Sending your availability calendar on popular blogs, e-commerce and social media so guests can check availability and book right on social media. This makes sure your guest doesn’t need to go on to check a website to book. If customers are redirected to another third-party website, guest can change their mind easily when competing hotels are displayed.

  1. Booking Form

Want to set up your page on all social media like Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or any social media platform, use your booking form to action sales now and then when your potential guest turns to your guest. WhatsApp is becoming a driving force for businesses. When a client WhatsApp you about rates, send them your booking form. Is more chance that they will book.

  1. Distribution to another portal such as, Expedia, Agoda and Jumia?

Our software integrates seamlessly with all major booking platforms. Now using our portal as primary, you dictate the rate and commission you pay to all OTA’s. Reverse the agony of no show, losing a huge sum of revenue to paying commission to OTA’s and traditional travel agents.

Other tools included in the software are:

Analytics analysing how well your hotel is doing on the web community to augment your strategy to your competitive advantage.

  1. CRM management. Email and Twitter tools to communicate with customers and address issues when they arise to help secure your image and create loyalty.
  2. Use the Travelmate Software to create customer tracing to create storytelling to win the customer for your hotel.
  3. Travelmate Software has the ultimate SEO tools to optimise our site organically and if you have an SEO manager, this is the tools they need for better results. If you have no SEO manager, don’t worry. Just attend our course and that is it, you are good to go.
  4. Social Media Advertising made easy with Travelmate Software. Trackable, better bidding and space winning techniques is no trouble with the software. Attend the course form more insight.

Travelmate Software is free to use. No monthly charges, no signup cost, only pay a commission when we make a booking for you. The software can be used on any device that uses an internet browser and anywhere in the world.

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